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A renewable microgrid for the Wujal Wujal community

A renewable microgrid for the Wujal Wujal community

Volt Advisory Group is completing a detailed study into the development of a renewable community microgrid for the Wujal Wujal community. By developing a community owned infrastructure model, this project has the potential to provide significant benefits to the community and serve as a blueprint for other remote communities.

The microgrid will benefit the Wujal Wujal community by:

  • improving power supply and reliability
  • delivering more affordable and renewable energy
  • harnessing the natural occurring community power assets
  • generating income for the community from its own generation resources (hydroelectric & solar power).

The project is supported by Jabalbina rangers, who are assisting with community engagement and local knowledge including of sacred sites.

Volt Advisory Group was commissioned by the Federal Government through the Regional & Remote Communities Reliability Fund (RRCRF), with the support of Wujal Wujal Council, Jabalbina, community elders and members alike, to complete the study and develop a detailed and fully costed plan for a community microgrid.

This project involves four work packages:

  1. Understanding community energy needs, including current power usage patterns and future community power needs.
  2. Understanding power generation potential i.e. assessing how much solar and hydro potential exists, and how it can be harnessed in a manner that is acceptable to the community and will provide power to meet the community’s needs and reduce reliance on grid power and diesel generation. This involves extensive community and stakeholder consultation (including with Elders, Rangers and Council) and analyses including hydro energy, hydrological, geological, topographical and engineering studies.
  3. Assessing opportunities to generate community revenue from power resources e.g. by selling unneeded power back to the grid.
  4. Finalising the microgrid design and development plan. Volt Advisory Group will complete a detailed microgrid plan with details of community benefits, costed designs and an ownership and investment framework to help the Wujal Wujal community and Council achieve their objectives.

A concept options report and recommendations will be delivered to the Wujal Wujal community in the coming months.